Call of Duty Zombie Mode Leaked

Last week’s rumours seem to be coming true: A zombie mode called “Outbreak” seems to find its way into Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

A week before the second season launches in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, a leak has confirmed the imminent release of a new zombie mode. Outbreak is said to be the name of the “big, expansive zombie experience” in Call of Duty. The official website and Companion App had briefly featured the accompanying graphic.

Call of Duty zombie mode

Activision quickly noticed the mistake and took the announcement off the net again. But an old internet rule says: once something appears on the internet, it cannot be taken back. The CoD News and Leaks account ModernWarzone published the leak via Twitter. Other users followed, which indicates that the leak actually existed and that it is not a fake.

The first rumours about the zombie mode Outbreak already surfaced a week ago when players discovered icons in the Warzone files that pointed to some kind of zombie game. Call of Duty developer Treyarch has repeatedly made allusions to zombies itself in recent days.

A simultaneous release with the start of Season Two is thus becoming increasingly likely. At least fans can expect an official trailer by 25 February.

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