CompLexity Announce Roster Changes

One of North America’s largest and most successful esports organizations, CompLexity Gaming, have announced several changes to their CS:GO roster. 


The team lost two players at the end of January. Alec “Slemmy” White retired from competitive esports, while Matt “Warden” Dickens moved over to the position of team manager. They have been replaced by Pujan “FNS” Mehta of Counter Logic Gaming and Ronald “Rambo” Kim, respectively. Rambo is no stranger go CompLexity Gaming, as he played for the team back in 2007. Much has changed since then, of course. Andrew “Professor_Chaos” Heintz also joined the team in the role of an analyst. 

Slemmy joined from Selfless earlier in 2017, but decided it was time to move on from competitive esports gaming. Warden had been the coach sine 2015, but it looks like a fresh coaching perspective was necessary. He will remain with the team for the foreseeable future, moving to the managerial role in the roster. 

Fans generally approved the changes, and consider FNS an overall more solid player than Slemmy. It remains to be seen how well FNS will fit into the new team, however, but his solid experience will certainly prove to be a great asset in the following season.  

The changes came at the very last moment in a bit to turn the team around, as they barely escaped relegation with an 11th place finish in the ESL Pro League. This is their opportunity to start anew and improve their lot in the next season.  

Their first matches with the updated roster didn’t go as well as they expected after losing 2-1 to Team Liquid both in the first leg of IEM Katowice Closed North America Qualifier and in the StarSeries i-League Season 4 North America Qualifier on 30 Jan and 1 Feb. But that shouldn’t be a cause for concern. It will take them a few weeks for the new players to settle in and get in the groove. 

The expectations are high. Will the new players be able to improve the team’s results after two consecutive seasons of barely avoiding relegation in the ESL Pro League? Will they finally manage to qualify for ESL One and find themselves on the map of the top teams? We’ll find out soon enough. 

The current roster consists of: 

  • Rory “dephh” Jackson 
  • Brad “androidx23” Foder 
  • Jacob “yay” Whiteaker 
  • Peter “ptr” Gurney 
  • Pujan “FNS” Mehta 
  • Ronald “Rambo” Kim (coach) 



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