UnikoinGold. Esports Currency of the Future?

A fresh Esports company called Unikrn has been very active recently. They’ve already made a name for themselves with a great, user friendly betting platform and good odds. Players from Australia, The United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand can enjoy real-money betting, while customers in other countries can bet using Unikrn’s Unikoin. These coins can be used to enter raffles and win prizes. Unikoins themselves have been highly successful, with over 250 million Unikoins turned over so far.

But that’s not what we’re here about. We’re here to talk about the upcoming innovation that promises to turn the world of Esports betting on its head. We’re talking about UnikoinGold. This is not just another variation of ‘play money’ that many services like to use. No, no. It’s a fully fledged cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies and Esports have a few things in common. They are all a product of modern technology and appeal largely to the same widespread audience of computer enthusiasts. It was only a matter time before someone came up with the idea. What’s more, it’s not just for show this time. This have a practical purpose that should ensure its widespread adoption.

UnikoinGold is a fully-fledged cryptocurrency built on the back of an Ethereum blockchain. Without getting too technical, this means that UnikoinGold can serve as a real proxy store of value, allowing for the creation of an independent and decentralized virtual economy. These cryptocurrency coins are fiat – set to float on the market and their price will be determined by supply and demand.

These tokens will therefore be used for betting, but also as a reward system for Esports participants, including both spectators and players. The aim is for UnikoinGold to become the exclusively used coin for Esports betting purposes; at Unikrn first, but possibly even as a ‘hard currency’ of sorts on related sites. Since it will be freely tradable, anyone can sell and buy however much they choose. Players will be able to bet on the outcome of matches in regulated markets, while skill betting is available in most markets.

As opposed to traditional Unikoins that can be transferred for in-game items (skins) via a system of raffles, UnikoinGold will allow for additional alternative methods of transferring one’s earnings. Furthermore, all transfers within the Unikrn network will be free of charge. Small fees will apply only to transfers to or from an external wallet.

Another plus point is that any UnikoinGold transaction is forever embedded into the currency blockchain (the history of transactions). This ledger cannot be changed nor erased. This adds a huge layer of security to the whole system, as there are no centralized servers that could be compromised. All data is stored in a shared manner among the computers participating in the functioning of the Ethereum system.

There will be a total of 1 billion tokens, and only 20 percent of that number will be offered for the initial sale. Individuals will have the ability to purchase tokens with USD, Bitcoin or Ether (Ethereum cryptocurrency) during the presale period. After that, only Ether will be accepted.

The coins will be used for charitable purposes, as well. The users will vote on three causes that are important to them and Unikrn will distribute the funds to them. This will occur via events, social opportunities and so on.

The current currency system involving Unikoins won’t be scrapped. Unikons will become UnikoinSilver. They will also be used in entering raffles and betting, and UnikoinGold can be used to purchase them as well.

Overall, these new developments appear very interesting. Unikrn is doing something nobody else has ever done. Besides being the only relevant online Esports betting platform, they’re further expanding their range of services. If this cryptocurrency catches on, which we believe they will, we will have a healthy virtual economy based on Esports, with all the advantages that brings.

Along with the introduction of UnikoinGold, Unikrn plans to expand to Europe, offer spectator betting and even quests, where members will presumably be able to earn this type of currency. We’re very excited about their future plans and cannot wait to see more!

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