Game Over for Immortal’s Kng

A real drama unfolded on final day of Dreamhack Montreal on 10 September that shook the CS:GO world to the core. As the dust begins to settle, we are providing you with an overview of the events that created such turmoil in Immortal’s ranks.

Late Arrivals

Three players from Immortal’s CS:GO roster arrived late for their final match and had to forfeit one map. These were Vito ‘kNg’ Giuseppe and Brazilian Teles brothers, Henrique ‘HEN1’ and Lucas ‘LUCAS1’ Teles.

This was not their first time being late. Just a few hours earlier they were late for the semi-final game against CLG, but they managed to squeeze through.

They lost the final match and were subsequently fined one month’s salary by the team management, and the whole incident, while unfortunate, was not serious.

Giuseppe explained that the late arrivals were a result of severe exhaustion. The trio, he claimed, overslept and couldn’t hear the alarms.

A Death Threat

Their competitors had other explanations, especially Counter Logic Gaming. Both their coach and players commented that heavy partying may have been involved.

One player, Mehta, was explicit about the fact, lamenting the semifinal loss by saying that “Worst part is I lost to a team with 3 players who were hung over”. He later claimed it was a joke, but it was too late.

The tweet apparently made Giuseppe’s Italian blood boil and he snapped. “You’ll prove it or I’ll kill you,” said his now-deleted tweet.

While such reactions do occur at times, most players apologise after coming to their senses. It wasn’t the case here. Reportedly, Giuseppe even started searching for Mehta in the hotel, and if we had to guess, it wasn’t just to chit-chat.

Team Response

At first there was radio silence from the team. They later returned with a statement that all issues will be dealt with internally. Team executive Noah Whinston wanted to sack Giuseppe right away, but he was persuaded by his teammates to give him another chance.

Giuseppe was temporarily suspended until the team had a meeting scheduled for 18 Sep to help them make heads or tails of what happened. Even though the meeting was almost all about him, he didn’t show up.

The team started playing without him the next day in a qualifier for EPICENTER against CLG, with the coach filling in. However, Teles brothers refused to play until Giuseppe joined in since they lost the first match. He did and the team won – but Whinston was far from elated.

The Final Cut

Whinston decided to terminate Giuseppe’s contract since he ignored his suspension. The Teles brothers rallied behind Giuseppe and refuse to play without him. Whinston went the whole hog and suspended them indefinitely as well until they change their mind – or someone buys out their contracts.

The collateral victims in this story are Ricardo ‘boltz’ Prass and Lucas ‘steel’ Lopes. They now don’t have a guaranteed spot in the next CS:GO major as the qualification right belongs to the majority of team players. In this case, the trio holds the rights and if they switch teams, the new teams would have the Legend status.

Whinston claimed that was an acceptable consequence of these actions. We agree, as the integrity of Immortals as a whole has been shaken. One cannot feel sorry for the two above players who qualified on their own merit, though.

It remains to be seen how well Immortals will recover from this conundrum, but one thing is certain: Even esports are not immune from scandals. Props to Whinston for swift and decisive actions and we hope we won’t see more of such behaviour on the esports scene.

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