GLS Season 3: Round of Sixteen Draft

The third season of the Global StarCraft II League: Code S is in full force. After eliminating all the non-South Korean players in the first group stage, the organizers have announced the groupings for the second stage. 

The Canadian favorite, Scarlett, flopped in a difficult group, fighting against INnoVation, Hurricane and Ryung 

The reigning champion, ByuN, placed second in his group, losing to Kim “Stats” Dae Yeob, who performed phenomenally so far. 

The player favoured to win by many, TY, also placed second. He lost to another powerhouse, sOs. 

The group stage 2 of the tournament will see 16 Korean players facing off in best-of-three matches, divided into four groups. The ‘Dual Tournament’ format is quite complex: the players from each group will be divided into two pairs, and the both the winners and losers will face off. The winner advances, while the winner of the losing team battles the loser of the winning team for the second place. 

The winners advance to the single elimination playoffs in the quarterfinals.  

The prize pool for the tournament is 170 million Korean Won – about $150 thousand, and a total of 25 thousand WCS Korea points is divided among the participants. 

Only one group features players of all three races, which resulted in speculations that the round of 16 will be quite boring to watch. We don’t share this sentiment, as the sheer amount of talent will make this a tournament you just don’t want to miss. Just look at the player list – Groups A and C are simply out of this world, with players in their top form! 

Group A: GuMiho (T), INnoVation (T), aLive (T), Solar (Zerg) 

Group B: herO (P), ByuN (T), sOs (P), Bunny (T) 

Group C: SoO (Z), Patience (P), Classic (P), Rogue (Z) 

Group D: Stats (P), Hurricane (P), TY (T), Dark (Z) 

You can watch the tournaments at the official channel. 


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