Still No Payday for CS:GO 2016 World Champions

Team Argentina won $20,000 from the CS:GO World Championships in 2016, but new reports surfaced claiming they have seen none of that money yet.

team argentina

Kotaku’s ‘Compete’ interviewed the Argentina captain Martin Biolchi, who stated that that he and his team were not only stiffed for their money but “also never received our payments to work in the Spanish/Portuguese streaming channels”. Team Denmark, placing in the third-fourth slot, are also (im)patiently waiting for their money.

E-Frag is the company behind the organization of the CS:GO World Championships 2016. For the teams’ money issues they blame the streaming site Azubu. Azubu, re-branded and operating as, was the main sponsor responsible for the prize money. E-Frag claims that it hasn’t done so yet.

In a TwitLonger post in June, E-Frag denounced Azubu for asking them to accept a much smaller sum of money, as well as lie to the teams stating that the prize pool had been paid.

E-Frag claim they are now in arbitration with Azubu to obtain the money. E-Frag also condemn the company for the acquisition of Hitbox (a video streaming site) for millions of dollars, while at the same time they are trying to wiggle out of their prize payment obligations. “We hope that we will be able to resolve this in arbitration but if not we will pay the pool through our own funds regardless,” says E-Frag.

Azubu CEO Mike McGarvey issued a statement to Compete in which he vehemently denied any responsibility for deals as they were “signed by the previous management team”, but he did admit that “Azubu’s previous management team made commitments to broadcasters and events far beyond the company’s means.” His promise that “[they] have worked to resolve over 90% of those obligations and have a few left to resolve which [they] plan to do” sounds promising, but time will tell if that was just part of another stalling tactic.

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