Team Liquid: Out from Clash Royale

After format changes in the Clash Royale League, the organisation no longer sees a reason to run a team in Clash Royale. Nevertheless, they remain active in the scene.

Seeing teams like Team Liquid drop out of the Clash Royale eSports league is not a big surprise. After a few trial years with a regional, closed league format, Supercell had announced it would return to open mode in 2021. This means that individual players will duel in open rankings and that there would no longer be fixed slots for selected teams, such as Liquid.

In a video, CO-CEO Steve Arhancet explains the withdrawal from the CRL. In it, he refers to the new situation, which has led them to keep some players and let other contracts expire. You can find out who gets to stay and who doesn’t on the official website of Liquid, who became world champions in Clash Royale in 2019.

“It’s inevitable: Clash Royale has changed and will continue to change. That means Team Liquid must adapt,” the official blog post reads. They speak of a “difficult but necessary decision” and that they will continue to hold on to the Clash Royale community – for example via community competitions.

In the future, Team Liquid wants to focus on content creation and no longer on competition in the scene. the scene. This means that players, coaches and the Academy Team will have to leave the organisation, while Kanario and SurgicalGoblin will remain as influencers. Only Egor will remain as an active player and is expected to “keep the sporting spirit alive”.

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